Sesame Seed Oil 250ml

INGREDIENTS: 100% Sesame Seed of Ispica – Slow Food Presidium.

EXTRACTION METHOD: Cold-pressed, solvent-free.

TYPE OF BOTTLING: Glass bottle. Plastic screw cap with drip.

BOTTLING METHOD: The bottling procedure is carried out entirely by hand.

PRESERVATION METHOD: To keep the original quality of the product it is recommended to store it in a cool dry place (Max 25°C). Once opened, keep it away from light, air and heat sources.

SHELF LIFE: 24 months.

ALLERGENS: It may contain traces of nuts. Gluten-free.

SIZE: 250 ml.


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Our Sesame Oil is made of one seed variety and is, just like a rare and precious wine, the result of a unique year that which its qualities and characteristics. The Sesame Oil of Ispica tells a story made of excellence that combines the resources of the territory to enhance a healthy diet.


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