Gambuzza - Sesame of Ispica

Sesame of Ispica

We have been cultivating the sesame of Ispica with dedication and professionalism since the 1960s.
Guided by love for our land and traditions, with the strong belief that they are the key to an individual product, we work with respect for nature by producing authentic sesame seeds closely tied to the territory of Ispica.
Sesame of Ispica - Slow Food Presidium


Over the years, production has fallen dramatically due to the demanding process of harvesting.
Keeping the secrets of a craft and an ancient and unique tradition tied to the territory, we dedicate ourselves to the production of the precious Sesame of Ispica using specific and exclusively manual techniques with respect for nature.
Gambuzza - Sesame of Ispica
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Our products are born from craftsmanship.
Sesame seeds, Sesame seed oil, Tahina (sesame cream).

Psiche - Our body oil is available in three fragrances: neutral, vanilla and green tea.


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June - October 2022 | Every Wednesday at 6:00 pm
contrada Margio97014 - ISPICA (RG) - Italy
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